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Harness the energy of the sun to power your business, your lifestyle, and your future. CPS Solar Energy Solutions is ready to  walk the journey with you. Connecting you to the future...

CPS Solar Energy Solutions

CPS Solar Energy Solutions was established to help drive South Africa, its families, communities, businesses and our economy towards a more sustainable future . We specialise in residential and commercial off-grid and grid-tied solar power systems and can supply and install across South Africa .We also have the capability to do international projects.

Our teams are knowledgeable and very passionate about designing and installing solar power systems that meet and exceed our clients energy requirements. We offer a comprehensive service from designing, planning, installation and maintenance.

Our innovative energy management solutions provide substantive results for our clients for powering their homes or meeting their sustainability and financial targets for business. We look forward connecting your life to the energy of the sun and to help you power your way into a brighter future. 

Be Smart

At CPS Solar Energy Solutions we help you not only reinvent your life but also live or do business in a smart way.

Energy Partner

CPS Solar Energy Solutions makes investing in solar power, easy, affordable, and accessible. We have experts to help you every step of the way.

Innovative Energy Solutions

CPS Solar Energy Solutions redefines your relationship with energy. We will help you save money and minimise your carbon footprint.  You can easily take control of your energy expenses today! Together we will build our future...

Our Trusted Brands

Solar Power Systems


Given the erratic electricity supply in South Africa, solar power energy is becoming a more and more viable option for South Africans, and solar power for homes as a primary energy source is not only a realistic but also cost-saving alternative. Our team of experts at CPS Solar Energy Solutions can perform expert installation, ensuring that your home solar power system operates at optimum efficiency, giving you the best value for money.


Electricity can be one of your business's largest operational expenses. Additionally, an erratic and unreliable power supply can be detrimental to your productivity and revenue. It is time to join hundreds of smart and progressive businesses that have taken advantage of solar power to operate at the next level .CPS Solar Energy Solutions has the expertise to help you optimise your energy costs whilst making your business greener.

Residential Solar Energy Systems

Installing a solar power system for your home is not just about the panels and inverter. It is a delicate balance of impeccable workmanship, the use of quality materials and it’s the always -available post-installation support you should expect for years to come. To ensure that we deliver in accordance with the highest standards of quality , CPS Solar Energy Solutions ensures that every aspect of your solar power installation is managed by experts from beginning to end,ensuring a premium product and premium service.

Installing your  home solar power system is a substantial investment, requiring the highest level of care and expertise and that is why at CPS Solar Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves in proven workmanship and ethics. 

Commercial Solar Energy Systems

At CPS Solar Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves in powering South African businesses of all sizes with solar power solutions tailored to suit your company's needs. We partner with you to provide a solar power system that will lower your overhead business costs and push your profit margins up! 

We help you stay competitive by being strategic about your business energy needs whilst saving money as well as  protecting your business against escalating energy costs and the very negative effects of load shedding. 

We know that your business requires a solar power system that you can rely on, so we use only the highest quality components, we provide ongoing servicing, and a comprehensive performance guarantee for every installation.

Solar power is one of the simplest ways to reduce electricity costs without impacting your operations.  Solar power can provide a reduction of up to 60% on electricity costs while providing a stable and reliable power supply as well as help you achieve sustainability targets.

Solar power is a highly visible means of demonstrating showing to your customers and other stakeholders your strong commitment to the environment.

High Pressure Solar Geysers

Without a doubt, a solar geyser will save you a lot of money and is one of the best investments you can make for your family. CPS Solar Energy Solutions can help you find the best solution for your family. We supply and install the best solar geysers available in the market with a minimum 10 year warranty.

from R 11,500.00
Load Shedding Back-Up Kit

Is load shedding leaving you and your family stranded and frustrated? Well, CPS Solar Energy Solutions can help you light up the darkness and get you life back.

R 15,999.99
Solar Starter Pack

Load shedding and unreliable electricity supply frustrating you and your family? Well you can talk to us to help you attain peace of mind...

from R 15,000.00
Make your mark towards fighting climate change...

Escalating electricity bill. CPS Solar Energy Solutions has a very good idea how that can be distressful. But you can count on us to give a solution that will help you save money and be happier!

from R 50,000.00
Wanna go Off-grid...

1. Do you want to save on your household electricity bill and have more money for you and your family?

2. Do you want a future full of opportunity and growth for you and you family and indeed our planet?

You probably answered YES to those 2 questions...Well the good news is that CPS Solar Energy Solutions is ready to assist you in attaining a sustainable and independent lifestyle - for you, your family and future generations. Talk to us and we will show you how!

from R 150,000.00

Our Installation Process

Depending on the needs of your household or business, solar power installations can be complex but you do not need to worry as CPS Solar Energy Solutions has the right expertise and capacity to plan, manage and deliver installations of all sizes.


Energy Audit / Assessment

Before we design a solar power system for you, our engineers and technicians will assess your energy usage profile over a period, typically a week or two as well as site characteristics such as roof integrity and shading. This will enable us to design a system that specifically tailored to your needs.

Solar Power Installation Proposal

After we have conducted the energy and site audits of your business, our engineers design a custom system to meet your specific energy needs and will present all available options for your consideration.


Where necessary, CPS Solar Energy Solutions will assist you to apply for finance for your solar power installation. We work with the some of the biggest banks in South Africa and will be to get the best finance options for you.

Legal & Compliance

CPS Solar Energy Solutions will apply for all necessary permits and paperwork relevant to your installation particularly where grid-tied systems are involved.

Solar Power System Installation

Our trained and accredited team led by experienced project managers will install and certify your system in accordance with world-class solar system installation standards.

Post-installation Support

CPS Solar Energy Solutions ensures that will be in control of your system by setting up access to different portals (dependent on equipment manufacturer) on the web or mobile. This will enable you to monitor your solar production and battery charge, manage your billing options, and more.
After installation, we will help you maintain your system to ensure maximum system performance and saving.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar energy is simply the light and heat energy that come from the sun. People can harness the sun's energy in a few different ways like  Photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into electricity or solar thermal technology, where heat from the sun is used to make hot water or steam e..g. solar geysers

Solar PV systems generate electricity from sunlight. The solar panels are made up of many photovoltaic (PV) cells which collect the light from the sun and convert this into DC current. This is fed through an inverter and converted to 240V AC to power your home or business premises. The amount of electricity you can produce depends on the number of panels and their efficiency, the size of the inverter, the orientation of your roof and the amount of sunlight in your location

If you are looking to reduce your energy use and power charges with solar power, then there are a few things worth considering. Solar panels are built to work in all climates, but in some cases, rooftops may not be suitable for solar systems due to age or tree cover. If there are trees near your home or business premises that create excessive shade on your roof, rooftop panels may not be the most ideal option. The size, shape, and slope of your roof are also important factors to consider.

For residential solar power systems, lets take an 6.6 kw system on a normal single story house , this should take around 4 to 5 hours to finish , more complicated jobs can take 6 to 7 hours. For commercial installation, it all depends on the size and complexity of the installation

The amount of money you can save with solar depends upon how much electricity you consume, the size of your solar power system, and how much power it is able to generate given the direction your roof faces and how much sunlight hits it. Your savings also depend on the electricity rates set by Eskom or your local municipality and how much you will be compensated you for the excess solar power you send back to the grid.

Installing a solar power system will likely increase your property's value. A recent study found that solar panels are viewed as upgrades, just like a renovated kitchen or garage, and property buyers across South Africa are more eager to buy a property with a PV solar array. This also means, your home is likely to sell faster with solar panels than without.



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